Welcome to PROMinet, we hope that the app will help you effectively manage your chemotherapy side-effects.


icon512What is PROMinet Reporter?

It is a tool that enables daily side-effects management and recording for chemotherapy patients

Using routine questions on cancer therapy side effects, the app can store and generate graphs that quickly show trends in your side-effects over days and weeks.

The app also makes suggestions for actions to manage your side-effects based on your inputs.

Available in Apple AppStore and Google Play Store (Version 3.0.1)

The PROMinet Reporter PE (Personal Edition) app is available for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and Android tablets.

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shortlink: http://apple.co/1RvZln9

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shortlink: http://bit.ly/1UXff9o

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Version 3.0.1: Feb 2016

Added features:
Customisable reminder time
Anonymous usage checking

Getting started

PROMinet Reporter PE is private

PROMinet Reporter PE stores all you information “anonymously” – so no personally identifiable data is ever sent to the internet.


First time running the app

After installing PROMinet, the first time you run it, you will be presented with a “set your unlockcode” and “registration” screen. The unlockcode operates as a simple security measure to prevent unintentional access to the app. Additionally, there is anonymous user registration.

panel

This panel has two text boxes.


Enter a simple unlockcode into the upper text box and then the same unlockcode into the second, lower text box.

TIP: Use a memorable and simple code that is preferably short and easy to type.

“Help, I’ve forgotten my code!” – to get help unlocking your app, visit:


Anonymous registration panel

Fill in the next panel with your registration information.


Including, year of birth, gender, cancer type and treatments

Sign in

Click the ( Sign In ) button to now sign into the app


Using the app

After the first time, subsequent uses of the app will present you with a single text box.

Type your memorable unlockcode into the box and then tap [ Sign in ]


This will take you to the “RECORD” screen

This is the screen that records your side effects.

The smartphone view of the recording screen


The tablet view of the recording screen


Filling in your answers

  1. Simply tap on each side effect to enter the level that you are experiencing.

2. A corresponding traffic-light level will be indicated next to that side-effect.

3. You can always change your answer if you wish by simply tapping the side-effect again.

4. The app will flag up helpful alerts as appropriate.


5. Follow the alert advice – and dismiss it by tapping [OK]

6. Fill in answers for all 10 side-effects daily

10. IMPORTANT: When you have entered all 10, be sure to

tap the [ save completed report ] button


to save your records – displaying it on the GRAPH page.

Saving your report will reset the side-effects, ready for the next day’s recording.


If you have any further notes to save, you can enter it into the comment box. This will be recorded alongside your side effects data when you complete and save the report.

“How do I see my saved free text?”

On the GRAPH page, click the “Show Table” switch to see your free text



  1. Fill in answers to all the questions and save daily
  2. Be sure you tap the [   save completed report   ] button – your records are not saved until you tap this button
  3. Once saved, your answers will be plotted on the graph page
  4. You can see recorded free text on the graph page by switching on “Show Table”


Understanding the menu bar

The menu gives you access to 5 operations

  1. RECORD: This is the screen for recording your side effects
  2. GRAPH: This screen shows a graph of each day’s side effects on a timeline
  3. SETTINGS: For admin tasks e.g. resetting unlockcode
  4. PATIENTS: For renaming patient names and adding further patients
  5. EXIT: Signing out of the app


On smartphones, tap the “MENU” button at the top-right to see the menu options


On wider screens, the menu option icons are visible at all times at the top-right

Graph page

Tap on the GRAPH menu icon to go to the graph page


This page shows all the recorded side effects and the dates they were recorded

Tap on any specific side effect graph to get the numeric level and the calendar dates



You can see the recorded data in table form and any free-text by clicking the “Show table” switch on the graph page


Usability features

Change the text size

PROMinet allows you to alter the size of the text so you can either see more questions at once or increase the size of the text to improve readability.

To adjust the text size, tap on the “magnifying glass” icons on the RECORD page.

Your preference for text sizes will be remembered for subsequent sessions.


Tap the magnifying-glass MINUS (-) icon to reduce text size by 20%

Tap the magnifying-glass PLUS (+) icon to increase text size by 20%

Tap the plain magnifying-glass icon to reset to default text size (100% normal)

Reduce (-) / Reset / Increase (+) text size

Progress indicator

The save buttons is disabled until all side-effects have been entered.

The button text will indicate how many questions you have answered so far



Additional patients can be added on the “Patient” admin page.  image08
Patients added here will be selectable on the “Record” and “Graph” pages.  image08  image08


System reminder

Once the app has been run at least once, it will signal the patient with a pop-up notification on the next day at 6pm to remind them to fill in the side effects if you haven’t done so.


You can change the reminder time on the Settings page. Be sure to enter the reminder time in 24-hour format, so 3 pm is 15:00 and 8pm is 20:00